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An array of services to ensure every Author & Writer soar on their ahh-mazing journey and be positioned for multiple book marketing strategies, visibility and the building of their own platform.

Sow A Seed Book Marketing Program


A Program where the CEO/Founder randomly announces either on her personal page or her business page  for individuals to post their book(s). Thereafter her Dream Team chooses a certain amount of books to market and provide visibility for FREE for six weeks!

Sowing A Seed valued at over  $4,500


Good To Know

Where we humbly showcase the Media and Testimonials of our awesome Authors and Writers who have joined us on this ahh-azing journey in either publishing, book marketing and/or the Sow-A-Seed Program


About Us!

Mission: To give Authors and Writers a voice that is heard and a best-selling platform on which to stand through strategic book marketing, visibility and building their own platforms as well as revenue mapping.

Publishing Niche:

Self-Help; Parenting & Relationships; Spiritual & Motivational and Romance


Sonship Publishing House  - A distinguished sector of The Fight Is Fixed™ Media Group Conglomerate that host an all-inclusive publishing service as well as one that creates and assist in publishing The Fight Is Fixed™ LLC own line of creative innovations such as journals, books and magazines.

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